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~ Saturday, January 08, 2005 ~
GaDo - GaDo.....

Berikut ini adalah bentuk tulisan yg tidak terstruktur & gak nyambung, looks ugly but hopefully still tastes good *persis seperti gado-gado*. Here it comes....

Tulisan ini milik seorang 'teman'. *hey Teman, maap ya tulisan lo gue muat disini, abis gue kangen ama lo, mo hang out kaya jmn dulu aja susaaaah bener rasanya, apalagi dikit lagi lo dah mo merit, makin jarang aja kali kita ketemu :(*
How about Bestfriends then? Well, I have two of them. One is si a, the others is this gracious young lady. We didn't see each other that much, like Carrie do with hers in the "Sex & the City" but we got along just fine. Well at least that is what I think it is. *Hope she does too*
She always got the right answer for everything. She always knew when to show up out of the blue, and she also knew how to just back off at something. She is really a good listener. But she also a really good preacher.
She is a fun company when you want to mock off people, or when you just want to have a cup of coffee and a cigarrette, or even when you on your worst time, like in "beker beker" time, she'll be there.
I met her a few years back, 5 years ago exactly, and I really did not consider her to be one of my friends to be called "Bestfriend", since I thought she was way out above of my league. She, with all her fortune and luck and brains and beauty, I just can't catch up with. But hey, what do you know, she let herself down so I can reach up to her.
She is the kind of friends, that when you really needed someone to talk to, would say "How about a cup of coffee?" and just let you talk and talk and talk. I don't know if she has a sixth sense or something, but at my lows, she always seem to know about it and flew over to my house or called me at work to ask me to see each other at some place, and then asked me "Lo baik2 aja kan, Mik?"
Really, she is a perfect Bestfriend.

And I miss you so...

Gue lebih prefer pasang foto yg natural utk di internet ato kl gue mo kasi2 pic keur batur, mending yg biasa2 aja, ga ala fotomodel gitu (dandanan & set up nya), biar kalo kopdar gak kuciwa.... hahaha...

Ternyata ribed ya ngetik pake 1 tangan.....

Gue bulan Maret planning vacation ah....... taun kmrn kynya gue ga ngambil liburan yg bener2 libur deh, selalu sama family lah, sama company lah... to me it's not 100% vacation krn udah bawaan orok kl gue itu sangat 'nurturing' -seksi repot, red-. Nah, besok gue ga mau nurturing-in siapa2 but myself.
Na... vacationnya kemana ya.. walopun kedengerannya ga masuk akal & seperti menjilat ludah sendiri, i think this time it's going to be Jakarta. Damn -ayhetjekate-. Yah, kalo Javajazz Festival -nya diadain di Hawaii, mungkin gue kesitu kali vacationnya. Tapi berhubung diadainnya di Jakarte, ya sud saya ke Jakarte lah. Lumayan bisa merem melek liat artis2nya keren2... huhuy...

Oya, ternyata kalo ditaksir orang tu enak ya? :P Walopun yg naksir itu berondong, which means, he probably not falling in love with me, only infatuated *hueeek*, gak, maksud gue krn doi berondong mungkin bukan naksir kali ya, tapi cuma bentuk kekaguman yg over abundant aja kali, karena gue memang seorang pribadi yg mempesona, baik hati, tidak sombong & gemar menabung, oleh karena itulah mungkin dia suka & menemukan bentuk lain dari kedewasaan *hah?* yg tidak dia temukan di kalangan temen2 cewe' seumur dia, pada diriku yang santri ini. *ya ampun, jam berapa sih ini, kayanya gue udah mulai mabok*
Anyway, semoga gue ga naksir anak ini, karena selain usianya yg di bawah umur -di bawah umur gue, maksudnya, dan tentu saja di bawah umur kakak2nya- *serius, mungkin gue akan menghadapi tuntutan hukum dari orang tuanya krn memacari anak di bawah umur*, beliau juga merupakan salah seorang co-worker gue, yang akan menimbulkan skandal seheboh Water Gate apabila gue memacari beliau, since salah satu pencetus ide "DILARANG PACARAN DG SESAMA KARYAWAN DI KANTOR" adalah gue. Arrghhh... padahal anaknya cuakeep lho, pinter lagi... ngliatinnya aja bikin adem & bikin gue semangat pagi2 ngantor :p Haits.... sudah sudah! Dexter, keep it for yourself yah! Cari aja yg laen napa.....

Udah ah, cape nulis dg 1 tangan. Oya, formalitas nih, Hepi nu Year 2005 yah, resolusi gue: Cari Pacar!

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~ Tuesday, November 16, 2004 ~


Whoa, Happy Eid Mubarrak ladies n gentlemen!
Idul Fitri has always meant special something for me. And I think that special something is far more different with why others enjoys their lebaran so much. Aside from the traditional abundant ketupat, opor ayam, sambel goreng and all other foods which my mum tried so enthusiastically stuffed it into our stomach, *blah, just by looking at those food make my stomach full already*, lebaran in our family was quite different with other families I know (I dunno about the rest of the family in the world, thou).

Since we do not have any family live in this new town (I know, we moved into this town for nearly 8 years now, but I still think this town is new for me), and just one relatives in my old town, which come to think of it, is not a very close relative I might add, umm… actually I cant really remember what blood connection we’ve had, but somehow they’ve managed to convince me that we’re related. And I considered my family is not one of the family who enjoys ‘mudik’ into someone else’s home, even if it was to my grandma’s. Luckily, she and all other close relatives lives on other island, so we always managed to excuse ourselves not to went to her house every year, we just pick up the phone and do the rituals routine of forgive and forget and get on with our lives. What a practical family.

Well, anyway, because of the lack of relatives we should gave visit to, lebaran holiday was always made a special moment in my particular life, because it is the time for me to completely have a holiday, taking a break from day to day routine. There was no particular thing I’d do in this holiday, say like taking a vacation into another town, because every town in the world seems to have their holiday too, and they just don’t do services for tourists yet. Well, maybe if I’m a multibillionaire, I’d go to Maldives and have a great time. But since I’m not, I just have to be happy enjoying my time at home, doing everything I could not possibly do in my regular days. Which are, sleeping for like 12 hours (of course not straight 12, but if calculated between times I fall asleep while watching tv, waiting to get my nails done, or while trying to tidying up the pile of clothes in my closet, it’ll strike the 12 hours of sleeping).

And you are so bloody lucky, that right this moment, I’m running out of things I should do (well I can always help my mum tidying up the house, doing laundry and all that stuff, but hey what’s the point of having holiday when you still have to do your regular basics?). So, I turn on my laptop and see if I could do something, and this is the result, I’m blabbing my over-time-lebaran-holiday onto the internet. Well, you should be so lucky coz I hardly write this coffeeholic blog once a month (come to think, I remember I should change this blog’s background, the boredom has hit me).

And my sister with her toddler will arrive tonight, I’m looking forward to have them around, bcoz things are starting to gone crazy and out of control here at the house, an i hope at least their presence would give some distractions at the house. These past few days, mom and dad always start their early day by dusting & vacuming every single corner of the house, and I cant seem to get away with it, and have no allies to run into. All friends going ‘mudik’, the coffeehouse i used to hang out in is not yet open until the 30th, and I feel like the only person alive on this planet. And I think my brother is as desperate as I am, he keeps playing his PS 2, (now I get the reason why he always carries them around everywhere he goes, especially when he visits here). I feel bad about him, cos there’s nothing much I can do to cheer him up. He come all the way from the old town, to spend his entire bloody holiday with us, maybe he expects highly of this holiday, maybe he expects us to go and have vacations on Maldives (yeah right, ha ha), but seriously he must have imagine something quite different than having his parents dusting around every inch of the house. Well, I know that maybe these are the times when they could do all the things they couldn’t have done in their regular days, but can’t they just find something else to tamper with? Have a whole day spa (sorry, we’re closed for the holiday ma’am), do groceries in the supermarket (now that I’d voluntarily love to come), watch some movies (I’d make popcorn for you guys), or sleep!

Now I think that’s the thing. I guess we’ve always had a different point of views about how we must spend a holiday. Take this for instance, once upon a time we went to Bali for holiday. In my point of view, spending my holiday in Bali was to have fun doing water sports, do the bungee jumps, tanned myself on the beach, err… not really, I already tan in natural way, but anyway I mean spending a lot of times on the beach, visiting the extraordinary places and try to imagine what was it like then, see the traditional culture and trying to gulp as much ambience as I could, exploring the hotel we stayed in and if nothing’s better, I’d like to spend a whole day at those famous getaway spas they have in Bali.
But what did we do? Since my parents would like us to stay together on the holiday, my mom dragged us to traditional market, and buy everything. And if we have to go to other places than the market, she’ll make sure that it has something to buy there. Well, luckily Bali was not only heavens for surfers, it also heavens for shopaholic like my mom.
So I guess we're just having a different direction about leisure. For me, leisure meant relax in a serene & quiet place. To mom, leisure means having satisfaction of winning the bargain with the local marketers.

What about this holiday then? I think we’ve also had a different path of maximizing our holiday at home. I’d like to pamper my self with HBO series, bed, manicure set, hair coloring, reading and stuff like that. While my parents just seemed to pamper themselves with great satisfaction on seeing the house more clean than ever. I know the house has already clean, we’re the clean freak family for Godsake (maybe HBO should make an original story about us someday, a movie like The Adams Family, but this would be called The Clean-Freak Family). But in this holiday, they just have to make it more clean than ever.

So, I’m outta here folks, feels great to share things-that your family wont understand- in this blog. Hope you guys have better holiday than I do. Well, don’t worry, I’ve promised myself to get the best of this holiday somehow, because we cant always have some holiday like this every month right? It only happens once a year, and it’ll be fool of me if I’m not gonna live the fullest of it. Somehow, somehow I will. Minal aidin wal faidzin folks, maap lahir batin ye….

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~ Monday, October 25, 2004 ~
Well, people do have their own personal subjective ideas about things that suits certain credit.
One of my friends trully adore Jamie Aditya *who doesnt? he has that goofy cute face*, but the cute face of him apparently was not her subject that suits the credit. She adore Jamie for being so creative.
Another friend, never gives verbal credit on a person. I noticed that she always send her credit message through respect, and speak very highly about them, but never once mention the reason why she adored them so much.
The other friend, never gives credit on other person. She just gives credit on material objects. *But she does have the style thou*.
So, when i gave myself a credit for finishing a 987-pages-english-language-book, in a matter of 6 nights only, unbelievably all of them just shook their head and said nothing.
Does the i-dont-care-about-it-look was naturally because they dont understand how much that accomplisment meant for me, or, they knew it was spectacular, knowing i only have the time at night to read-and i manage to finish the book in only 6 nights-, but they have become so jealous that i've done so brilliantly *sorry for the exagerating*, so therefore nothing to be said, but give the ignorant look?
Well, i guess everybody has their own subjective feelings about whether some things deserves to be given credit or not :)

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